Kansas man finds abandoned dog in alley behind home with corn cob stuck in intestines

A Kansas man found an abandoned dog in the alley behind his home near Wichita with a corn cob stuck in her intestines.

The man, Vinny Currie, noticed someone pull into the alley in a van, and leave something under a white sheet.

Currie said, “It was just really weird. It didn’t look like trash that he was putting out. It looked like something. In all honesty, I thought maybe a body or something.”

He went to the alley to uncover a dog that had clearly been starved.

“I could feel every single bone inside of her body, and it was heartbreaking, honestly heartbreaking,” Currie said.

Currie called Beauties and Beasts Animal Rescue.

X-rays showed the dog had a corn cob stuck in her intestines and several gas pockets forming.

Doctors said the dog was just hours from dying.

Currie said he is no hero, just happy that his curiosity led him to find the suffering dog.

The dog, now named Aadya, has undergone surgery to remove the cob.

Doctors said Aadya is currently in the most critical stage of her recovery.

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