DEDHAM, MASS. (WHDH) - Two months into the Karen Read murder trial, Read shared her thoughts about the case against her after another day in court Tuesday. 

“How do I feel about the case against me?” she told reporters. “There is no case against me.” 

Read, 44, of Mansfield, is facing charges including second degree murder after prosecutors said she hit Boston police officer John O’Keefe and left him to die after dropping him off outside the Canton home of Brian and Nicole Albert in January 2022.

Read and O’Keefe were dating when O’Keefe died.

Read’s defense has said she is being framed, saying O’Keefe was actually beaten to death and attacked by a dog during a party inside the Albert home.

Read’s attorneys claim police covered up details and planted evidence to implicate Read in the case. Read has pleaded not guilty and maintains her innocence.

“It’s smoke and mirrors and it’s going through my private life and trying to contrive a motive that was never there,” Read said Tuesday. 

Though the defense is not likely to put Read on the witness stand, she said she is willing. 

“I would like to fill in some holes and correct some lies,” she said. “But it’s up to the attorneys and they will make the call probably at the 11th hour and I’m there or not there.” 

Read was in Norfolk Superior Court for Tuesday’s proceedings. But the jury had the day off as Judge Beverly Cannone previewed testimony from a series of experts the defense is seeking to call. 

Dr. Marie Russell, a retired pathologist who also treated patients for animal bites, said she looked at photos of O’Keefe’s arm and concluded he was probably bitten and clawed by an animal. 

“They are consistent with a large dog attack,” she said. “There’s a combination of both what I consider bite wounds and scratch wounds on the arm.” 

Russell came forward after reading about the Read case. In court, Cannone was concerned about that fact as well as Russell’s struggles with remembering what evidence she saw.

“She didn’t write a report,” Cannone said. “I have to consider all of these things too as the gatekeeper as to whether she can actually assist the jury.” 

Two accident reconstruction experts who were first hired by the FBI as part of a federal probe into the Read investigation also spoke about their qualifications. 

Himself speaking with reporters, defense attorney Alan Jackson said it seemed, to him, that the court was trying to help Assistant District Attorney Adam Lally with his strategy. 

“Judge Cannone is kind of tossing softballs out to Mr. Lally to see if he can hit them out of the park,” he said. “I don’t even get that. I don’t understand it. It doesn’t make any sense to me.”

There will be no court proceedings on Wednesday due to the Juneteenth holiday. 

The jury will be back in the courtroom on Thursday for more testimony. 

Cannone is expected to make her decision on Thursday on whether to allow testimony from the defense’s three expert witnesses. 

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