MANCHESTER, N.H. (WHDH) - Kayla Montgomery, the estranged wife of Adam Montgomery, took the stand Monday to testify in Adam’s trial for a series of weapons charges.

Kayla previously accepted a plea deal to testify against Adam. 

The case linked to the current trial is separate from the death of Adam’s daughter, Harmony, who was last seen in 2019 and who Adam is accused of killing.

“Is it difficult for you to be here?” Kayla was asked at one point while in court in Manchester, New Hampshire. 

“Yes,” she responded. 

Adam Montgomery has been charged with second degree murder in the apparent death of Harmony, 5. 

In the unrelated weapons case, prosecutors have accused Adam of stealing an assault rifle and a shotgun from a friend’s home in 2019.           

Kayla was not there when the incident happened but testified Adam admitted he stole the guns from a woman named Kim and her husband, Chris. 

“All he said was that Kim was passed out and he ended up taking the guns,” Kayla said. “I was kind of upset about it because they’re supposed to be our friends.”

Kayla said she and Kim became friends while working at a Dunkin Donuts franchise. In her testimony, Kayla told the jury she and Adam used heroin and couldn’t remember some details she told police one year ago. 

“It’s a fog because I know we were just getting high a lot,” Kayla said. 

Police arrested Adam in April of last year as he was being investigated in connection with his daughter’s disappearance. Adam, police said, allegedly beat his daughter to death before he disposed of her body. 

Law enforcement personnel later searched an area in Revere in April but turned up nothing. 

Kayla, Harmony’s step-mother, is in jail, in the meantime, after pleading guilty to perjury charges. 

“I got subpoenaed to be questioned about Harmony and I lied to the grand jury because I was scared,” Kayla said.

As part of Kayla’s plea bargain, she has also agreed to testify at Adam’s second-degree murder trial, which is expected to begin in November. 

Adam is facing six charges in the weapons case.

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