One man is getting a lot of attention for what he did with a flag. 

The flag was found lying on the ground in the rain and his one simple act was all caught on surveillance camera. 

The Kentucky man was seen standing in the rain, folding a flag. 

“It was just the right thing to do,” said Matthew Pritchard. “There was a need that needed to be attended to.”

A security tape from the Murray Bank’s north location showed the good deed on Sunday, July 26 when flags were at half-staff for service members killed in the Chattanooga shooting. 

Pritchard was on his way home from church with his pregnant wife when he saw the fallen flag. 

“I don’t know how long it had been laying there or anything, but I knew it didn’t need to be where it was,” he said. “Whether it’s picking up a flag or whatever, everyone can do something good.”

Pritchard is not in the military and he is not a boy scout. He said he learned how to fold a flag from his fifth grade teacher. 

“Two or three people go to go out and raise and lower a flag; that was always exciting,” he said. 

After discovering the footage, the bank’s vice president Darren Jones said everyone is asking one question. 

“Would I stop and pick that flag up and actually taken the time to fold it?” Jones said. 

Pritchard said not to thank him, but return the favor by doing something nice for someone else. 

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