Kentucky police officer helps deliver baby

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHDH) — A Kentucky police officer went above and beyond the call of duty Monday when she helped deliver a woman’s baby on the side of the road.

Officer Elisha Thompson said she was driving down the street in Louisville when she was flagged down by a driver whose passenger needed help.

“Lady started flashing her high beams at me and honking her horn, so I slow, she pulls up next to me and says she’s delivering a baby,” said Thompson.

Thompson pulled over and opened the car door to find the woman’s passenger was already giving birth. Thompson said she called for an ambulance, then put gloves on and helped the woman deliver the baby girl. They then wrapped the baby in a sheet from Thompson’s car before an ambulance arrived to take the mother and new baby to the hospital.

After the delivery, Thompson went back to working her shift.

“I just hope mom and baby are going to do well and name it Elisha,” said Thompson with a laugh.

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