People often ask me, "Of all the politicians you've covered, who was your favorite?" My answer is always, "Kevin White."

In a world of white shirts, blue suits and red ties, Kevin White was a bright plaid politician- brash and arrogant- to be sure; but, just as surely, smart and savvy. Most of all, he was an original thinker…connecting policies and personalities in creative ways other politicians couldn't even imagine.

He was curious and clever, a master planner and a master manipulator. And then there was his legendary anger, the force of his frustration burning through his blue eyes. I knew that if I did a story critical of him, it had better be right, because he'd make sure I wouldn't get a second chance to be wrong. Yes, he could have done that…and would have.

It was a much different time. Mayors and governors were routinely cross-examined by reporters; the give-and-take was much more intense, revealing, and personal. Kevin White's City Hall was the perfect place for a young political reporter to learn what Boston was really about, to see how votes and power are mixed.

Kevin White leaves many legacies in Boston… And I'm proud to be one of them.

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