‘Keytar Bear’ ready to play again after assault

BOSTON (AP/WHDH) — Boston street performer “Keytar Bear” said he will be ready to perform again soon after he was attacked by three teenagers on the street.

Police said the three suspects, teenagers from New Hampshire, attacked Keytar Bear and ripped off his mask while yelling racial slurs at him. A witness told police one of the suspects slammed the musician’s face into the ground and vandalized his equipment before taking off with his tips. The incident happened near Faneuil Hall.

Police said they are reviewing the incident as a potential hate crime. While Keytar Bear wears his costume to stay anonymous, he is a black musician.

“These kids didn’t even know this person and they just attacked him, stole his money,” said Abigail Taylor, a friend of Keytar Bear’s. “Honestly, I think his feelings are hurt more than just his body.” Taylor said this is not the first time Keytar Bear has been attacked and each time it happens, it makes him feel less safe performing on the streets.

Keytar Bear was treated for his injuries and received stitches over his eyes. He also updated his Facebook to say that he will be back performing in Boston soon.

The three teenagers were charged with assault and battery. One was also charged with minor in possession of alcohol for allegedly having a bottle of vodka on him.

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