Landlord faces charges after firing gun

CENTERVILLE, Mass. (WHDH) — Bullet holes are still visible on the side of George Rackliffe’s Centerville home. Police said he opened fire to startle his upstairs neighbors, who were arguing.

Rackliffe, 66, is now apologizing after the incident. Two bullets hit a next door home that doubles as a daycare.

“I’m very upset with myself,” said Rackliffe. “[I feel] terrible. It was a stupid thing.”

Investigators said Rackliffe was trying to quiet down and scare his upstairs tenants who were arguing too loudly on Friday. Police said the bullets pierced through a sheet-metal fireplace, went through a wooded area and hit the daycare. Children were inside, but no one was hit by the bullets.

Days after the incident, Rackliffe said he still hasn’t talked with his neighbors.

“I don’t think I should talking to them either, I don’t know what their feelings are,” said Rackliffe.

Neighbors are stunned and rattled.

“In a quiet neighborhood like this it’s kind of hard to believe,” said one neighbor.

Police arrested Rackliffe. They said he had been drinking. Officials said he initially told officers he fired the gun to stop an intruder.

He doesn’t expect to carry a gun any longer.

“I think I probably deserve to lose it,” said Rackliffe.

Rackliffe is facing almost a dozen charges.