Landsdowne Street to shut down during games, concerts at Fenway

BOSTON (WHDH) - One of the busy streets in the shadow of Fenway Park will be seeing less traffic starting next month, as the city plans to close Landsdowne Street to traffic during events at the ballpark.

Boston Police said Commissioner William Evans suggested the idea to the Red Sox as an added measure to keep people safe. Evans’ proposal comes in the wake of terror attacks in France, Germany and England, where terrorists drove vehicles into large crowds of people.

“We just want to make it more secure so people going to the game don’t have to fear someone’s going to ride into a crowd,” said Evans. “It’s a rich target right now to hit.”

“The people are or were very concerned after the attacks, wouldn’t go to the Christmas markets,” said Bjorn Thuemler, a German tourist visiting Boston and checking out Fenway Park on Tuesday.

A spokesperson for the Boston Police Department said the Red Sox offered to provide moveable barriers so emergency vehicles can get in and out. Shuttle buses will also no longer provide service to Landsdowne Street on gamedays and during concerts.

Logistics for the Landsdowne Street parking garage and deliveries to the street’s businesses are still getting worked out.

“This is a proactive approach rather than being reactive to an incident that may happen,” said Boston Mayor Marty Walsh.

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