Large Somerville fire displaces 30 people from apartment building

Flames tore through a Somerville building Thursday night, displacing more than 30 people, including 10 children. 

According to investigators, what’s left of the building will have to be torn down. 

Trying to salvage anything she can, Diana Guardado, who has lived in the building her whole life, recounted the terrifying moments Thursday night when fast moving flames tore through the nine-unit apartment building on Rush Street. 

Guardado and her 4-year-old daughter scrambled to safety, as did the 30 other residents. 

The fire chief was forced to order his crew out of the burning building as the flames grew. 

Throughout the day on Friday, displaced residents returned to the scene, removing clothes and other personal possessions while fire investigators combed through the rubble, trying to figure out how the fire started. 

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