Busy day, busy people. Storm is with us for the day & it’s going to behave more like a late winter storm—producing a heavy, wet snow rather than a dry, drifting snow by days end. Here are some thoughts on the storm (thankfully, very similar to my thoughts last night):

* The height of the storm is now up until 3-5pm.
* Our Snowfall forecast is in our *maps* section of the website under *Special* Map.
* The snow will be a wet snow which leads to poor travel (wet snow is more is very slippery compared to dry snow) for much of the region this morning & early afternoon. Travel will improve Friday afternoon & evening so don’t cancel Friday Night dinner rezzies–just allow extra time).
* The wet snow is also heavy in nature which could lead to some power disruption by midday. We’ve already seen reports of some limbs down in Medfield & Franklin.
* Wind will be fiesty from the northwest–12-17 mph–problematic for the snow on the trees–but offshore so no concern for coastal flooding.

Thankfully, no bitterly cold air follows this storm and that means we will melt some snow over the weekend with partly sunny skies both days. Some great weather for outdoor winter activities (sans pond skating).

The jet stream looks like it will pop another storm along the east coast early next week with another bout of snow late Monday Night & Tuesday. More on that once we get past this storm.


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