Spring is in the air, and the perfect time to sit outside and enjoy a nice cup of joe. 7’s Sarah French tells us, hot or iced, a latte is always a treat.

The Drink: Lattes

The Café: Paris of the Eighties Café

The Barrista: Erika Dunn

#1 – Harvey Ball Latte


– shot of espresso

– Monin candied orange syrup

– Hershey’s chocolate syrup

– steamed milk

Top with a smiley face on top of foam with Hershey’s syrup

#2 – Milky Way Latte


-1-3 shots of espresso (depending on preferred strength)

– chocolate syrup

– caramel syrup

– choice of milk – soy, skim, whole or almond

Can be served hot or iced

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