Lawmaker apologizes for yelling at Maine speaker

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — A Republican lawmaker has apologized for an angry outburst on the floor of the Maine House.

Rep. Sheldon Hanington expressed anger Wednesday on the last scheduled day of the legislative session, telling fellow lawmakers during a debate over funding for asylum seekers that lawmakers weren’t doing enough to help Maine’s veterans.

House Speaker Sara Gideon warned Hanington against impugning lawmakers and that set in motion the exchange. Gideon put lawmakers at ease and asked Hanington to speak with her at her rostrum.

Hanington soon strode up to Gideon at the rostrum and shouted at her before fellow Republican lawmakers intervened. Hanington called her a “weasel” as he was walked out of the chamber by his colleagues.

Gideon said “emotions are high.”

Hanington later apologized on the House floor.

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