Lawmaker proposes bill outlawing saggy pants

COLUMBIA, SC (WHDH) – A bill proposed in South Carolina would make it illegal to wear saggy pants.

According to House Bill 4957, it would be illegal for anyone to wear pants “three inches below the crest of his ileum,” or the top of the hips, which would expose their skin or underwear.

  • To read the full bill, click here

The bill also lists fines for violating the proposed law:

  • $25 for first offenders
  • $50 or three community service hours for second offenses
  • $75 or six community service hours for three or more offenses

“It’s unbecoming, it’s unprofessional,’ Rep. Joe Jefferson told KGW. Jefferson is a Democrat from Berkeley County who is one of the bill’s sponsors.

The crime is not a serious offense, and offenders wouldn’t be considered criminals or delinquents.

“It is just disingenuous, we should not have this. There ought to be a better way,” Jefferson said.

Parts of South Carolina have already implemented a ban on saggy pants. According to Fox Carolina, the town of Timmonsville passed an ordinance banning them in 2016.

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