Lawmakers nationwide respond to President’s claims

WASHINGTON (WHDH) - Lawmakers across the country are reacting to President Trump’s claims that Obama wiretapped him.

Massachusetts Congressman Mike Capuano of the 7th Congressional District calls the President’s allegations stunning and demands proof.

“One president or the other,” said Capuano, “either committed crime or suspect of committing crime and American people deserve a full blown investigation and full blown report on this.”

The Senate Minority Leader said President Trump should not be making such wild accusations on Twitter.

“The President’s in trouble,” said Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, “if he falsely spread this kind of misinformation.  That is just so wrong.”

President Trump said as Congress investigates his team’s ties to Russia, lawmakers should also probe claims that President Obama ordered his phones tapped during the campaign.

Watch the video above for more comments from lawmakers

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