Mass. lawmakers seek pay raises for governor, others

BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts lawmakers have heard testimony on a more than two-year-old report recommending pay raises for the governor, other constitutional officers and top lawmakers.

The report suggests hiking the governor’s annual salary from $151,800 to $185,000 with a new, yearly $65,000 housing allowance.

Massachusetts doesn’t have an official governor’s residence.

The report also recommends increasing the salary for the attorney general and state treasurer to $175,000. The attorney general now draws a $130,582 salary. The treasurer earns $127,917.

Critics questioned the need to hold the hearing Thursday, just weeks into the new, two-year session and a day before the presidential inauguration.

The report recommends raising the salary of the House speaker and Senate president from their 2016 salary of $102,233 to $175,000, but doesn’t recommend increasing the pay of other lawmakers.

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