Lawrence mill to be torn down for safety reasons

Firefighters continued to keep flames from bursting out at the Merrimac Paper mill one day after a fire destroyed the building.

Tuesday investigators from the Fire Marshall’s Office were eager to head into the crumbling shell of the old paper mill.

“I’m not saying It’s suspicious, so I think questionable is better,” Acting Lawrence Fire Chief John Marsh said.

The Merrimac Paper company building has been empty for years.

“There was no processing going on in the building there was nothing in operation, there was no power or electricity. It’s either an act of god or human,” Marsh said.

Hot spots kept troopers and accelerant-sniffing dogs out of the building on Tuesday.

The new mayor of Lawrence is vowing to hold the building owner accountable, making them foot the bill for the demolition, rather than taxpayers.

“Really the responsibility lies right now with the owner and if there’s a bigger responsibility we want to make sure it stays with them,” Mayor Daniel Rivera said.

The fire chief wants to see the building demolished as quickly as possibly because the walls as they are now, are dangerous.