Lawyers seek release of man unable to be deported

BOSTON (AP) — Lawyers in Massachusetts are seeking the release of a man they say is being unlawfully detained by federal immigration officials while they try to find a country to deport him to.

The case involves 32-year-old Sreynuon Lunn who was born in a Thai refugee camp to Cambodian parents fleeing the Khmer Rouge and brought to the United States as a seven-month-old, where he was legally allowed in as a refugee.

In October, Lunn was arrested and charged with unarmed robbery and released in February when the case was dismissed.

At that point Lunn was detained by immigration officials who have been unable to deport him.

The Department of Homeland Security has designated Cambodia as Lunn’s country of origin but the government of Cambodia has denied Lunn is a Cambodian citizen.

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