A young girl’s dreams were fulfilled thanks to her idol, LeBron James.

Ebony Nettles-Bay, who is fighting Stage Four cancer, wrote an open letter hoping to meet the reigning MVP. Like only the best superstars can, LeBron made her the queen of the court at Saturday night’s game against the Milwaukee Bucks.

“I honestly didn’t think I was going to meet him,” said Ebony. “I thought, like, I would see him, he would wave, but I didn’t think I was going to have a conversation with him.”

Ebony got more than just a chat with King James. Before the game, the entire team hung out with her before she escorted LeBron, Chris Bosh and the rest of the boys onto the court. She even got to show off some of her skills on the court, putting up some layups during the team’s pre-game warm-up.

On his MVP shoes, LeBron painted a message of encouragement: the hashtags “#cancerwho” and “#ebonyisstrong.” The Miami Heat forward also posted the following message on social media: “Ebony, your strength, courage and energy is out of this world and u will win and defeat this. I just know it! Love you forever and I got your back and front! #ebonymetlebron”

Ebony’s battle with RMS continues. This type of cancer affects tissues in the head, neck and reproductive organs.

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