Leominster native critical after Orlando shooting

LEOMINSTER, MASS. (WHDH) - Dozens remain hospitalized after the shooting at a nightclub in Orlando, including a man from Leominster.

Jeffrey Rodriguez, 37, moved to Florida when he was around 20 years old. His brother Santos said he and around 14 other people hid in handicapped bathroom stall at Pulse Nightclub as the shooting started. Rodriguez’s brother said the gunman kept coming back into the bathroom and shooting underneath the stall. Rodriguez was hit multiple times in the leg and chest.

Santos said he initially thought his brother was joking when he texted and said he was surrounded by dead bodies. He then realized that he was not kidding. In his last messages to his brother, Rodriguez asked Santos to tell their parents that he loved them.

Santos said he found out his brother was alive Monday morning. He said Rodriguez’s friend saved him by taking off her bra and wrapping it around his leg where he had been shot.

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