The next 7-10 days are pretty unsettled. And the weekend is looking wet. (There, I said it.) Certainly there will be some dry hours, but this is not a weekend to start (or finish) an outdoor project.

First off, the warmup today. Significant, but certainly not to the tune of the warmth we saw earlier in the week. 80+ is out for the foreseeable future and 70s will be a struggle. Thank the clouds and onshore wind for that. Two elements we will battle in the coming days – even when it’s not raining.

Tomorrow looks like the warmest and driest day of the next seven…or ten. The clouds will pass overhead, but they hold back on the rain. Southeast winds will keep the temps capped in the 70s, with low/mid 60s at the coast. I am watching a mass of low clouds forming in Connecticut right now, and if this continues to grow – and eventually swallow all of Eastern Mass. – our goose is cooked and the numbers I just typed are bogus. Expect us to sit in the low 60s at best. (Bust potential on the high temps to the right = medium.) Still, it will stay dry.

Now the elephant in the room: the weekend. The proms. The graduations. The plans. All I can say is once the rain moves in on Friday afternoon and evening, it won’t let up until Saturday late morning or early afternoon. Downpours, drenching rain are in the cards late Friday and early Saturday. That may spare the proms Friday night from a deluge, but it will be wet – or at least threatening.

Saturday afternoon looks like the driest part of that particular day. Sunday morning will start gray then showers will work back into the picture from east to west in the afternoon. Again, not entirely wet, but not a prize-winner either.

We’re here to fine-tune the details in the coming days. Stay with 7.



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