Lexington schools requiring double-masking

Effective Monday, April 5, all students and staff in Lexington Public Schools who are able to do so will be required to wear double-masks to school, according to a March 29 report from Superintendent Dr. Julie Hackett.

In her report, Hackett quoted Lexington Board of Health Chair Wendy Heiger-Bernays as saying: “Masking is absolutely critical. It, coupled with ventilation, really are the two pillars of prevention. The CDC is recommending double-masking; BU is recommending double-masking; Dr. Fauci, who is fully vaccinated, is double-masked. I would absolutely support double masking for teachers and students.”

The superintendent described double-masking as an additional safety precaution to guard against the arrival of more highly transmissible COVID-19 variants during the push for a full-return to in-person learning.

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