Like Two Week Old Leftovers

Those bands of snow today? Essentially from our nor’easter – in weakened form, of course. And for some, they were about as welcome as two-week old leftovers from Thanksgiving. Odd how this storm is still sticking around, eh? Well, if you checked the upper-level wind patterns, you might not be.

Hardly any movement to the steering currents over Eastern North America. (Check the image to the right.) High pressure has been blocking the exit for our storm over the past few days, but as of tomorrow, I think our feeble nor’easter has found a way out to the North Atlantic.

As it slips through Eastern Maine and Nova Scotia, that big ball of yellow and orange will reappear in the sky. Don’t be alarmed. It has a pleasant warmth to it, and should put a spring in your step as we head into the weekend.

If that doesn’t, then maybe a slow warming trend will. Highs will reach for the low/mid 40s into the latter half of the weekend, with the culminating event on Monday seeing someone touch 50!

As far as storms are concerned, I’m not. Those big rainstorms in California are taking their sweet time crossing the country, so that buys us time. Eventually, the storm hitting now may brush us on Wednesday. I see temperatures cold enough to support snow, but I’m not sold on a direct hit yet. We’ll wait this one out.

In the meantime, watch for refreeze tonight as the cold returns!

Be well.