Wha? We didn't hit 70 in the city today? Credit (blame) the onshore wind and a just enough cloudiness to shroud the sun. Still a nice day all around AND how about the way we deep-sixed the humidity? Well done, cool front.

Showers on the move! They spared us a wet day today, but they promise to wet down the overnight hours. Nothing terribly heavy expected, but there may be some spots that pick up a half inch of water. This is a simple weather system that is "just passing through" so I'm not seeing this loitering around tomorrow or this weekend.

In fact, the weather for the weekend is pretty much a lock: a return to the heat – and some humidity by Sunday. Both days will see the temps rise into the upper 80s if not near 90 on Sunday. Despite the increase in heat, we may still fall short of the elusive (at least for this summer and last) 90 degrees in Boston thanks to a slight sea breeze.

The long range pattern remains in flux tonight. Big clusters of thunderstorms crossing the Pacific (associated with El Nino) are wreaking havoc with forecast over North America. Suffice it so say, I'm not confident in a long hot spell around here. As the smoke clears in the coming days, I think we'll find ourselves on the cooler end of the range. Whether or not we throw rain on top of those cooler temperatures remains to be seen.


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