Lil’ Dose of Rain

After the coldest morning of the season in MANY spots (see right), the sun brought us back to nearly seasonable levels today. We’ll again see those temps crumble this evening, then level off as a cranking storm in Ontario swings a front our way tomorrow. 

The rain along that front looks a little anemic right now, but I’m optimistic that as it comes into New England a couple of things will happen:

1) A weak (but significant) low pressure system will form along the front, slowing it down a bit

2) Mid level winds will increase late night and heighten our risk for downpours.

Those two combinations are priming us for a good soaking. While not drought-busting, we’ll take every drop with open arms these days. And the timing is serendipitous too: that low pressure system that forms will fade as it moves offshore. It’s just around during the small window where it crosses Southern New England.

No rush to bring in the cold behind this system either, so once the sun pokes out on Friday, we should slide right up to 60 by afternoon. Even Saturday, as we await the true cold to arrive, we should make low to mid 50s. 

Sunday heads off the spell of chilly weather that will carry us into the first part of Thanksgiving week. Unlike last year, no storms will be brewing, so it looks like bright weather with a slow warming trend into the holiday.

Enjoy the patter of the rain tomorrow.