TEWKSBURY, MASS. (WHDH) - A Duxbury woman accused of killing her children in their home was arraigned at a medical facility, where she pleaded not guilty to murder charges.

Lindsay Clancy, 32, was previously indicted on charges of killing her children before attempting suicide in January, and has remained under hospital care, per the order of a judge.

Her arraignment on Thursday took place at Tewksbury Hospital, where she pleaded not guilty and a judge ordered she remain at the hospital for an extended period.

The arraignment came days after documents related to the case were unsealed, spanning hundreds of pages that included details on the 11 search warrants issued during the investigation.

The documents provided a glimpse into evidence seized, including information from phones, tablets and computers. Investigators also took blood and urine samples from Clancy, according to the documents, and gathered forensic evidence from shingles and areas around the second floor bedroom window of the family’s home. 

The documents stated that investigators were “aware that Ms. Clancy used her cellular telephone and her journal to document her mental state and her feelings about her children.” They also detailed how Clancy used her phone to keep track of her medications and research ways to kill. 

Prosecutors argued that the murders were premeditated, detailing how in addition to researching how she was going to kill her children ahead of time, one of her kids showed signs of fighting back as she tried to strangle them with an exercise band, giving Clancy enough time to rethink her decision.

The prosecution also said that Clancy intentionally sent her husband out to get dinner so she could commit the murders and that, at one point, her husband called after she killed the kids, and that she seemed fine during the conversation – that she knew who she was the whole time and showed no signs of psychosis.

Clancy’s defense team argued Clancy has dealt with mental health issues and said she was overmedicated at the time.. 

Both the prosecution and defense appeared to disagree over whether Clancy jumped from her home’s window or slid down after the deaths of her children.

According to court documents, Clancy’s husband found her injured outside on the ground after investigators said she jumped from a window. 

The prosecution said that blood on the window sill and sides of the home indicated she may have slid down, while the defense pointed to her spinal injury that left her permanently paralyzed, indicating that she jumped.

A mental health professional who interviewed Clancy Thursday morning found she was still suffering from depression, and said that she told them she was experiencing intrusive and suicidal thoughts.

The next court proceeding is expected to take place on Dec. 15.

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