Looking to shed a few before you hit the beach this summer? Well Barry’s Bootcamp in Boston just might be your answer.

The franchise started in 1998 and combines intense cardio with strength training in every class.

Co-owners Brian Weller and Dustin Martin say it’s a calorie burn that you won’t find anywhere else.

“It gets your metabolic rate incredibly high. Studies have shown that 36 to 48 hours after high intensity interval training you are still burning a higher rate of calories than you would just doing a regular workout,” Weller said.

Immediately when you walk in you notice the lighting

“It’s kind of like you are in a club and you are getting fit at the same time,” fitness instructor Bet Calderone said.

Calderone says Barry’s is her workout of choice.

“I get my butt kicked every time I come I feel great when I leave, I’m motivated by the instructors,” she said

The type of workout Barry’s specializes in is great for building aerobic endurance.

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