The holidays are over, the sun peeks out for only a few hours each day, try stepping outside and the earth is covered in a crust of snow and ice.

“People do tend to get a bit of cabin fever at this time,” Counselor Steve Rathnow said.

Cabin fever and feelings of depression.

“After a while, not being able to do the things you love makes you nervous, restless and maybe a little irritable. You don’t just give into it, you don’t just allow yourself to become a hermit and be locked up in your home,” Rathnow said.

Changing behavior and getting outdoors, are the best ways to beat the winter blues.

“Get as much sunlight as you can, exercise as much as you can and eat the right foods,” pharmacy owner Dale Colee said,

And just hang in there.

“Human beings can tolerate a lot of stress, as long as we know that there’s an end to it,” Colee said.

Come springtime most of us will be singing a different tune.

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