Getting kids moving before their school day starts, can be the secret to success and one program is gaining popularity across Massachusetts and the country.

BOKS has been designed to give kids a body and brain boost that will set them up for a day of learning.

“Exercise is the most powerful tool we have to optimize the brain, so by getting kids to exercise before school you are priming their brain, getting the blood flowing, getting them to be more alert,” Kathleen Tullie, the found of BOKS, said.

BOKS, sponsored by reebok, is run by parents and teachers.

Classes at Boyden Elementary in South Walpole run every Tuesday and Thursday in the spring and fall.

“We do relays running, skipping, all gallop, jumping…we also do a skill of the week, different skills, lunges, burpees, and we’ll focus on the right way to do a movement, then we play a game at the end,” BOKS lead trainer Lizza Govoni said.

Students who participate all like different parts of the program.

“My favorite thing to do here is the pretty much the game and relay races, I like them and it gets them active,” 2nd grade student Kiara Battle said.

The kids not only learn about exercise, they learn about nutrition and making healthy choices.

“It’s really great for your brain to get health, and your brain to work better in school,” Kiara said.

So far more than 300 Massachusetts elementary and middle schools participate in BOKS and the benefits to the kids are just endless.

“They do better academically, teachers say confidence levels go up, focus goes up, attendance goes up,” Tullie said.

The program has grown to more than 1,200 schools in 48 different states and six countries.

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