A mother, concerned for her daughter, started her own line of kids clothing and she wants to warn other parents about the dangers that could be lurking in plain sight.

Before Sarah Songar was old enough to swing or run and play at the park her mom says the clothes she wore may have contained toxic chemicals.

“She started struggling with skin rashes. As a first time mom it was really concerning for me,” Poojah Songar said.

But her daughter’s misery led to an organic clothing line called Cutie Bees.

While trying to figure out what was causing Sarah’s skin irritation, her mom discovered typical clothes contain chemicals like formaldehyde and pesticides.

That discovery pushed the IT manager to create a line providing healthy, safe, organic clothing for babies.

Her line contains non-toxic, 100 percent certified organic clothing for newborns up to 2 years old.

Many states ban formaldehyde in baby soaps, shampoos, and lotions, but this mom is hoping states takes stricter measures.

“Like food, where the government regulation mandate requires you list all the ingredients clothing companies are not required to list down the chemicals,” Songar said.

Cutie Bees chemical-free clothes are sold on-line.

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