Combining functional movement, strength training, gymnastics, circuit training and endurance. That is cross fit.

The idea spread like wildfire across the United States and beyond. Estimates said more than 10 million people have taken part.

60 percent of those are women.

At Reebok Cross Fit Back Bay, they said anyone at any fitness level can take part.

From a former gymnast, a mom-to-be, to a 64 year old.

“I absolutely love it. It’s better than therapy or anything else,” said Anet Shifty, a 64-year-old-woman.

Gym owner Josh Plosker said the best thing cross fit offers is ‘scaleability.’

“We program a workout every single day and we don’t change the workout necessarily for any one individual. We want all people working together. That’s the really fun part,” said Plosker.

What that means is your workout can start with muscle ups, or you can do a regular pull up, or add bands.

“We don’t want people doing different workouts, we just scale it for them,” said Plosker.

Tina Coll has been doing cross fit through her whole pregnancy and just modifies the movements

“I choose not to run anymore because it’s too much bouncing around for the baby so I get on the bike. I’ve just recently started doing push-ups elevated on a box,” said Coll.

Plosker said this is how they keep members fit, happy and avoid injury.

Injury is a major concern, so is over exertion. So it’s important to find the right gym for your needs.

Plosker suggested if you want to try a cross fit gym you should look for a few important details

First make sure the class sizes are small. At Cross Fit Back Bay, Plosker said there are no more than 8 to 12 people per coach.

Also make sure your coaches have been trained in proper Olympic lifting technique

“Always always always when you pick up weight you don’t want to bend over at the waist you want to clean that weight up, there we go,” said a coach to his class.

Lastly, Plosker said your coaches should be willing to work with you one on one before or after classes to make sure you are performing the movements properly.

If you want to give it a try, Reebok Cross Fit Back Bay offers free trials every Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m. They also have an “on ramp” class for beginners.

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