The deadliest form of brain cancer might be meeting its match with magnets!

One doctor is using cutting-edge technology to change the course of cancer treatment. 

Inside Nick Zeeso’s backpack and on his head a device that could be the future of cancer treatment.

Four years ago, at age 35, Nick was diagnosed with the deadliest form of brain cancer.

Surgery and radiation took care of it at first. But when it returned three years later, more surgery and chemotherapy couldn’t stop the tumors growth. 

“We thought he was going to die,” Nick’s mom Dorcas Zeeso said.

Doctors talked to nick’s mom about stopping treatment and hospice,

But Dr. Ashley Sumrall talked about a device known as the NovoTT.

“These are ceramic discs that are attached to a bandage and these emit electric fields similar to a magnet,” Sumrall said.

The NovoTT uses alternating electric fields to stop cancer cells from dividing, which ultimately kills them. 

That’s seems to be what’s happening to nick. 

“So all of this tumor and the white part is the most aggressive part of the tumor that you can see around the cyst as well now when we look at his brain we don’t see any of the bright white all of that is gone,” Sumrall said.

“It’s amazing it is amazing to see the difference from when he was near death to what it looks like now,” Dorcas Zeeso

The NovoTT is expensive, it costs about $20,000 a month.

It’s FDA approved for patients whose brain cancer has returned, like Nick’s.

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