Medical scrubs have been around for decades but a group of Houston men are revolutionizing the industry, promising better protection for hospital staff and their patients.

After nine seasons in the NFL, Bert Emanuel turned his focus to performance apparel by supplying 800,000 high tech suits to the U.S. military.

He was then contacted by a doctor who was interested in creating high-tech gear for medical professionals.

“There’s a definite need for a product like this,” Emanuel said.

“There have been numerous studies on stethoscopes and ties and lab coats harboring bacteria and possibly being a mode of transmission of infection between patient so we wanted to develop a scrub that we call a Med-Suit that affords protection to ourselves and more importantly our patients,” Dr. Rick Ngo said.

The friends developed the Med-Suit; luxury, made-to-measure, anti-microbial, high performance scrubs.

The game changer is copper.

“Copper as a natural element is antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and so when we weave it into the yarns or fabric, it becomes more protective,” Emanuel said.

According to the EPA copper ions kill 99-percent of bacteria within two hours.

The Med-Suit also has several features which eliminate the need for lab coats, another germ carrier.

There’s a badge clip, pen holder, specially designed smartphone pocket and a jewelry clip.

“I rarely wear a ring because I lose it but now we have a place to clip your ring, you can clip your watch to it. We took away all the extraneous stuff you don’t need. We just went really basic,” Dr. Core La said.

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