Spray your kitchen counter once and it’s germ free for years. One company says they have just the product and a jail in Chicago is among their first customers. Inside a Chicago jail – you never know who will end up there.

“When inmates are received here, we take them as they come. We don’t know what their medical situations are. We try to assess that but there’s always a high-risk of sickness, disease with that,” said John Murphy of the Dept. of Corrections.

The jail staff is trying something new to fight infection. Sterile Doctor is the name of company selling a spray described as so effective at destroying germs that it works for months, even years once its sprayed on to a surface.

“Bacteria virus mold, fungus, algae – they are all living organism. They will give off energy. It’s a combination of all living organisms on a particular surface,” said Mark Williams of Sterile Doctor.

A demonstration – we checked the germ count on a keyboard before the spray. Then retested after the spray and showed how much the germ count dropped.

We asked a hospital infection expert what he thought. He worked at the Chicago jail for 7 years.

“By degrading the bacterial wall you can kill off the bacteria so this is just a new twist on that by having almost the bacteria impale itself on a microscopic spike,” said Dr. Alex Tomich, an Infection Control Specialist.

Dr. Tomich said that part of the science makes sense but he also would like to see more rigorous testing done to prove the spray works.

“If we were to spray it on a phone and come back and retest at later date – how is that phone cleaned in between the testing time? It may be something that would be adopted more readily in the future,” said Dr. Tomich.

The company said its spray bonds to surfaces at a molecular level and that’s what makes it stick for long periods of time.

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