Taking a bike ride is always a healthy option and now thanks to Boston Medical Center, you don’t need your own bike to do it.

It’s called the “prescribe-a-bike” program.

Doctors prescribe low-income patients with a yearlong membership to Hubway, Boston’s bike-share program.

“For $5, they get a magnetic key pass, that allows them to unlock the bike at any station and ride to any other station, and there are no additional charges,” BMC Dr. Alan Meyers said.

Participants can use the Hubway bikes anytime, for an hour stretch.

Charlie Munroe, 49, says the prescribe-a-bike program is better than he imagined.

“I started riding the bikes for exercise and then I realized I use them for work every day,” Munroe said.

And he says the health benefits are great!

“My legs are getting stronger, my lungs are definitely getting stronger, I’m dropping some weight, feeling good,” Munroe said.

That’s just what Dr. Meyers hopes will happen to all participants.

“Pedal yourself from place to place, and maybe you won’t have to use bus so much, and maybe you’ll actually get into better shape,” he said.

Statistics show 25-percent of Boston’s low-income residents are obese.

Doctors at BMC hope by offering this bike program, they can help battle obesity.  

“People need exercise to be healthy, and it is a struggle sometimes to find a way to get exercise into their daily routine,” Meyers said.

Participants in prescribe-a-bike must be 16 years or older and be enrolled in some form of public assistance.

Hubway says the bikes will be available at least until Thanksgiving, and maybe longer.

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