After a long day a glass of wine may help ease some tension, but did you know it could also help your health?

One glass of red wine might actually improve your memory.

Whether locally grown and produced or grown in a far off land red wine can do more than just compliment a meal.

“Red win especially has some great health qualities. It’s actually heart healthy for you,” Registered Dietitian Charlyn Fargo Ware said.

Research has shown it could help fight dementia.

“They’re still doing research on this, and it looks promising it can help you have better memory. Granted, after three glasses of wine that may not be true. On the other side of it, you don’t want to drink too much red wine. It’s a 23 percent risk reducing for dementia, and also just help remember things,” Fargo Ware said.

In fact some wine enthusiasts say they actually prefer red wine because of the health benefits.

“I’ve been trying to lose some weight, and I know there’s more sugars in white wines, I decided that I know red wine is better for you, and you get the full-fledged benefits of the anti-oxidants,” she said.

Red wine may actually fight dementia and increase memory retention

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