You’ve finally made it to the slopes, you pop on your skis or tighten up your bindings.

But not so fast — before you hit the powder there are a few things you should know.

Ski experts have tips to make sure you make it up and get back down the mountain safely.

“Just make sure that when you’re skiing with somebody that you know which side of the chair you want to sit on. Don’t be getting up there and deciding you want to switch positions. Always have control of your ski poles,” lift supervisor Mark Graves said.

Whether you’re a skier or snowboarder it’s important to know what level you are.

You don’t want to jump on a chair lift before you’re even ready.

“It’s an extreme sport so there are risks involved in it no matter. You just try and be as safe as possible,” ski instructor Adam Green said.

Instructors said there’s a learning curve when it comes to going up and down the mountain, and it’s important for beginners to take lessons.

Because it’s not the skiing or riding that is hard at first, sometimes it’s just hopping on the chair lift.

Beginners need to ease in at their own pace.

“If they’re comfortable and we feel that they’re good enough to get on it, then it’s kind of a judgment call,” Green said.

But when you trade the bunny hill for something a little more challenging make sure to read the signs.

No loose clothing, loose scarves, or exposed long hair.

“Sometimes they get tangled in the chair and when they get off, they get caught,” Graves said.

Just a few helpful tips that will help turn you into a pro by the end of the ski season.

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