We’re about to take fitness to a whole new level, that’s because this workout at Sky Zone in Everett is done on a trampoline!

Summer is winding down and for some of us that means heading inside for our workouts

But if pounding out miles on the treadmill sounds boring to you why not add a little bounce to your step?

That’s right, trampoline classes for adults are popping up nationwide.

Part of the popularity stems from joint pain and other issues that can keep you from your workouts.

According to Sky Zone in Everett, the equipment absorbs nearly 80-percent of the shock reducing stress on your bones and joints.

“This doesn’t bother my joins at all so that is why I stayed with it for two plus years,” Enrique Guardia said.

In that time 50-year-old Guardia says he dropped 25 pounds and keeps it off easily.

If you think that because it’s a trampoline class you’ll get out of burpees, and quick feet? Think again

Instructor Sharon Gatley makes sure you burn the 1000 calories an hour Sky Zone touts.

“We do a lot of arms, we do pushups, sit ups, shoulder work, biceps, triceps, its a full body cardio workout,” she said.

They even incorporate TRX and exercise bands

Gatley also added that you use anywhere between 50 and 80-percent more energy to make the jump and to run in place than it does on solid ground.

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