The following statement was released by Liz Norden, mother of JP and Paul Norden who were injured in the marathon bombing.

“Concerning the appropriate sentence, suitable punishment and or death penalty for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev whom was recently convicted of all thirty charges, I remain consistent and steadfast in my position. 

Nothing during any phase of the trial has changed or affected my personal opinion. In fact, I am more certain today, that if there were ever any crime(s) that warranted the death penalty more, then God, I hope no-one ever has to experience them. Although, I wasn’t the victim of Tsarnaev brutality, destruction and violence, I will forever live with a mother’s pain seeing and knowing what he took from my two sons.

My family and I are extremely sympathetic, always mindful and truly cognizant that so many other families suffered on this day as well. In no way, does my personal opinion intend to lesson or undermine any other victim / survivor’s view. Seeming, we all have our individual thoughts, feelings and beliefs regarding the death penalty. Truthfully, the decision rests with the jury and I will respect their findings. 

Nevertheless of the sentence, no-one will ever change or forget the unthinkable pain, inconceivable suffering and terrifying fear that occurred on Boylston Street, Monday, April 15, 2013. Further, I pray that our nation will never have to live through another event as tragic as this. 

I want to personally thank US Attorney Carmen Ortiz and her staff as well as all the law enforcement agencies that devoted so much attention and commitment to seeing justice is served.” – Liz Norden 

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