Lizzi Marriott’s family fights to keep documents sealed

CONCORD, NH (WHDH) — The family of a young woman who was raped and murdered is taking a stand as her killer appeals the verdict.

Lizzi Marriott’s family is fighting to keep documents from the case sealed. ‘

“My name is Bob Marriott and I’m asking for people to respect my daughter’s privacy…she was raped and murdered,” Marriott’s father said Tuesday.

The grieving father spoke out at the New Hampshire state capitol, asking the public and the state’s supreme court to respect not only his daughter’s privacy, but the privacy of all victims.

A recent ruling by the court would allow defendants with cases under appeal to have access to victim’s sealed records.

The ruling means the records and sexual history of Marriott, a 19-year-old University of New Hampshire student, would be open not only to the public, but would allow her convicted rapist and killer Seth Mazzaglia to see and potentially use them as well.

“The courts decision to make these records public is giving this rapist and murder threaten them with violation of privacy even after there’s been a determination of guilt,” Bob Marriott said. “We sat through and endured a trial with information no parent should ever have to hear. The toll that took on us was immeasurable and impacts us everyday.”

The attorney general’s office has filed an emergency appeal.

For now, the supreme court has issued a stay.

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