LL Bean seeks dismissal of lawsuit over return policy change

CHICAGO (AP) — L.L. Bean says an Illinois man who sued over the retailer’s new return policy never tried to return any products.

The lawsuit in federal court accuses Maine-based L.L. Bean of breach of warranty over changes to its unlimited “satisfaction” guarantee.

The company is asking a judge to dismiss the lawsuit. It says the suit misrepresented the policy because returns made before Feb. 9, 2018, are not subject to the revised policy as long as there’s proof of purchase. Going forward, there’s a one-year limit for most new purchases.

L.L. Bean also said there’s also no evidence that the plaintiff, Victor Bondi, tried to return anything, so “there’s no controversy for this court to resolve.” Bondi’s lawyers didn’t respond to a request for comment from The Associated Press.

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