Lobsterman shares his tale of 12 hours floating on his boots

MONTAUK, N.Y. (AP) — A New York lobsterman who fell out of his boat into the Atlantic Ocean and survived for 12 hours by floating on his boots is telling his story.

John Aldridge’s adventure happened in July 2013, while aboard his boat, the Anna Mary, after leaving his dock in Montauk, on Long Island.

The handle on an ice cooler he was moving snapped and sent him into the ocean as his co-captain and crewman slept below deck.

Aldridge floated on his boots and eventually found a buoy to grab onto.

He was rescued by the Coast Guard that had been searching for hours and was headed back to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, when they found him.

He tells his tale in the book, “A Speck in the Sea,” which was released this week.

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