(WHDH) — The CDC’s announcement easing mask guidelines for the fully vaccinated took some businesses by surprise Thursday.

Ivan Fortuny works as a bartender in Casa Verde Taqueria and said he’s excited to see smiling faces. But, he does not expect the new guidance will sink in immediately even if the city and state get on board.

“I think it’s something good. I think there should be a little more time, to be honest with you,” he said. “Working in a restaurant, a lot of people don’t feel comfortable if you aren’t wearing a mask and you’re touching their food or something like that. It’s a different perspective.”

Some of his customers say they are far from ready to drop the mask indoors.

“It’s stupid. And no one’s gonna know who’s vaccinated and who’s not,” Diane Creascy said.

At Worcester Fitness, owners say they’re already getting calls from members asking how the new guidelines will be handled.

“We have plenty of room, in our club especially, but I don’t think that by removing their masks any member is going to be unsafe coming in here,” said Andrea Shliapa.

Stop & Shop has decided to defer to state and federal agencies. A spokesperson told 7NEWS they’ll follow the executive orders in the respective states in which they operate.

Fortuny says he thinks business owners and employees will feel more comfortable over time.

“We have more than one year in this situation, so to just come back to normality in one month… I don’t think that’s gonna happen. But I think in two, three, four months everything is going to be fine,” said Fourtuny.

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