Local Democrats criticize President Trump, urge him to unite country

BOSTON (WHDH) - Local Democratic leaders are urging President Donald Trump to be a leader and reach out and heal the divides in the country.

Sen. Ed Markey and Rep. Joe Kennedy III were at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library on Monday, where a new stamp was unveiled to honor the 100th annivesary of President John F. Kennedy’s birth. Rep. Kennedy criticized Trump, accusing him of spreading “fake facts, fake stories and eroding basic trust in science.”

“The current administration and Donald Trump ran a campaign that goes against every single fundamental value that I believe politics is all about,” said Kennedy. “I would hope that as president, he would understand that his role is not just to pursue the policies of the 63 million people that voted for him but understand that he has an obligation for the 26 million people in this country that did not.”

Kennedy also said that Democrats need to understand why they did not win the White House and work on fixing that.

Sen. Ed Markey said Trump is making it difficult to unite the country when he keeps tweeting insults to those that question him. He encouraged Trump to look to President Kennedy for inspiration.

“As long as the president tweets out insults against anyone who questions anything that he does, turns it into a personal attack, it’s going to be very difficult for our country to come together,” said Markey.

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