QUINCY, MASS. (WHDH) - A Quincy local called authorities after noticing a woman who had become stuck in mud at Wollaston beach with the tide coming in.

“I spoke to my wife and she said, ‘Somebody is stuck in the mud on Wollaston Beach, and she can’t get up.’ So I went to investigate,” said Eric Stoekel, who lives on the shore of Wollaston beach.

Stoekel knew better than to venture out onto the mud himself, calling the police to the scene. Stoekel said that when the police arrived, they didn’t have the proper equipment to reach the woman without getting stuck themselves and had to wait for firefighters to arrive with special gear.

“They basically had to crawl their way out to her because they would have sunk in to their knees if they had, you know, walked straight out,” said Stoekel.

The firefighters were able to free the woman’s legs and bring her to more solid ground.

According to Stoekel, the reason why low tide at Wollaston beach is dangerous is due to the beach not having a lot of sand, just a buildup of silt from over the years.

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