PEABODY, MASS. (WHDH) - A group of mothers gathered in Peabody to let it all out Thursday night.

The women took part in a collective “mom scream” to express their frustration around the challenges of parenting during the pandemic.

“I think that there’s just a lot pent up inside and it’s just, you know, like a volcano. But a contained volcano,” said participant Jamie LaDuca.

This chorus of yelling was organized by Sarah Harmon, a therapist, a mother to two girls and founder of the School of Mom. She said she got the idea from her clients who are parents.

With all the stress they have been under raising kids for the last two years, Harmon said this intense release of emotion is exactly what moms need.

“It feels really good. It feels cathartic,” she said. “I think it catches people off-guard almost. That they feel better than they thought they would or they didn’t know how they thought it could feel.

The group made national headlines last week after holding a “mom scream” at the Charlestown High School football field.

The mothers say this helps them feel like they are not alone.

“It gives just a level of community and excitement to have that permission,” LaDuca said.

“When you scream in a community and someone’s inviting you to do it, it really allows you to do it freely,” Harmon said. “And really, that’s all I’m doing is just giving people permission to do what their body already knows how to do.”

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