BOSTON (WHDH) - Six mysterious envelopes, each filled with $2,021 in cash, were left on tables in half a dozen different restaurants in and around Boston Wednesday night.

For the staff at Loretta’s Last Call near Fenway, the cash was a welcome sight.

“She was shocked,” General Manager Myles Kopka said of one of his servers. “She saw the signed copy of the receipt and it was whatever, and then she saw the envelope next to it and she was definitely shocked.”

Written on that envelope was a name most New Englanders would recognize — Ernie Boch Jr.

“It was so dead that I had this idea, why don’t I go into Boston and hit all these different bars and give some support,” Boch said.

Local car magnate and philanthropist Boch said he was saddened to see how restaurants are struggling during these trying times.

So, he and a friend put together a pub crawl of sorts. They hit six places in about three hours, enjoyed the service and vanished after leaving the generous tips.

“We didn’t do social on it, we didn’t do anything, we just wanted to go in, hit, and done,” he explained.

Boch said he hopes that others who have the means will be inspired to do the same.

“The people that are serving are struggling, the bars are struggling. It’s a difficult environment. So if you can, you should,” he said.

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