Local restaurant group gives $100K back to workers

WEYMOUTH, MASS. (WHDH) - More than 100 workers at a local restaurant group are getting a bonus in their next paycheck as a thank you for working through the coronavirus pandemic.

At a meeting with employees Monday, the owners of the Hynes Restaurant Group said they would be giving $100,000 to 120 workers across their three South Shore restaurants.

“No one’s left out – this is kitchen staff, bus staff, barbacks, servers, managers,” said owner Erik Hynes.

Workers said they’ve seen less money while working through the pandemic because of fewer customers, and that the bonus would be a help.

“I really could use the help. It’s been tough,” said bartender Jillian Becchi, who said she’d use the money for rent and groceries.

Kristin Zimonis said she was glad employees’ work was recognized.

“Being recognized and being appreciated I think is like the biggest thing,” Zimonis said.

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