MEDFORD, MASS. (WHDH) - Newly released video shows the moment a Medford woman’s leg got caught in an MBTA Green Line train door earlier this week. 

The incident happened on Monday. On Thursday, Rebecca Mason shared her reaction after viewing surveillance video. 

“My leg was stuck and I was calling for help,” she said. 

Mason, 36, previously told 7NEWS she was helping her son get off the trolley at the Medford/Tufts stop when the doors closed on her. 

In a subsequent statement, the MBTA explained “preliminary findings suggest standard procedures were not correctly followed by the operator, which led to the doors shutting prematurely.”

New video of the incident shows the trolley initially parked with its doors open. An operator is seen looking back before shutting off the trolley’s power, causing the lights to go off and the trolley’s doors to close. 

“The operator turned the train off too soon,” Mason said. “And the reason why the safety switch didn’t go off was because the train was turned off.”

After another T employee helped free Mason, she and her son took a seat on a bench on the station platform. 

“There was another guy who came over and was apologizing — ‘Oh, I didn’t see you,” Mason said. 

7NEWS learned the trolley operator is off the job while the T investigates this incident. 

Mason, meanwhile, proudly wears an MBTA map shirt and says she hopes the transit system will learn from this mistake. 

“I hope the operator doesn’t lose his job,” she said. “…If he didn’t get the right training, then give him the right training so that he can do the job better next time.”

Mason is OK and said she has been in touch with MBTA officials. 

She said she believes the T is safe and will continue to ride it.

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