Bernie Sanders to stump for Clinton in Maine and New Hampshire on Friday

BANGOR, Maine (AP) — Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District to stump for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in a part of the state where she faces a tough race with Donald Trump.

Sanders, an independent, is scheduled to appear at Cross Insurance Center in Bangor on Friday at 10:30 a.m.

Maine is considered a blue state, but it’s also one of two states that portion out electoral votes by congressional district.

Bangor’s in the more conservative 2nd Congressional District, where Republican nominee Donald Trump has a chance to pick up an electoral vote.

Clinton defeated Sanders in a primary race. Sanders then endorsed Clinton in July. He’s expected to talk about issues such as raising the minimum wage, making public college tuition free and reforming the criminal justice system.

Sanders will be speaking in New Hampshire later in the day to talk about Clinton’s plans for the economy.

Hillary Clinton is taking time off to prepare for the next debate with aides at her home in Washington D.C.

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